zeroo tattoo

Situated in a non-descript road in the old city of Chiang Mai, it would be easy to overlook this tattoo shop. A friend of mine was visiting, and she was looking to get a tattoo. After extensively researching online, she settled on Zeroo Tattoo, but unfortunately, the artist she wanted was working in Bangkok. Sadly, my friend didn’t get tattooed because of this, but I decided that I would get inked there next.


On March 30th, I rocked up at 6PM, basically as a walk-in appointment, and was seen that day. I was tattooed by Tao, my first experience with a female tattoo artist. Her Instagram can be found here. I contacted her previously with the design that I wanted, so she was aware of the size and placement of my tattoo.

First impressions:

Through the shop window, I see a Thai guy getting his shoulder coloured in. He has a large torso piece already outlined, and he is lying on his side, grimacing slightly as the artist inks away at his skin. As I walk through the door, I am greeted by Tao and asked to sit down. She recognises me from our fairly long back-and-forth exchange on Facebook.

Tao traces up a copy of the design I want, and gets to work. The shop is clean, and I see the staff select a new needle from a sealed packet. I can tell the staff love their job because of the fact they go above and beyond for each of their customers. Further samples of their work can be viewed here and you can contact them here.

I lie down on the black leather chair with my arm stretched out and I hear the familiar sound of the tattoo machine buzzing. I wait in anticipation for the process to begin, and finally, the sharp needle rapidly punctures my flesh, leaving behind a permanent trail of black ink.







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